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Better Living Through Chemicals :: Environmental Pollution Essays Living Through ChemicalsFew things are more important than the air we breathe.  From a factual and biological standpoint, there is nothing more important.  Before I begin this inquiry, I must disclose that I am not an environmentalist.  This is not something I am proud of by any stretch of the imagination.  I admire those people who climb old growth trees and reside in the branches for days on end.  They do this to save these wonders of nature from developers and road crews.   I acknowledge that some of my decisions may appear to be similar to those of an environmentalist but actually, my decisions have often been based on financial concerns.  For example, my husband and I have shared one car for the last nine years. I used to let people infer that it was because we did not want to pollute and use up valuable resources.  More than anything, I was simply impressed with myself that I could arrange a schedule that worked for two working people.  We were working and going to school while relying on one car.   Of course, occasionally we relied on public transportation.


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